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Guardianship & Probate

Every family at some point must confront and deal with the issues surrounding a loved one’s disability or death. Our firm handles estate, trust, probate, guardianship litigation and inheritance disputes throughout the state of Florida. We can help you to navigate the legal complexities associated with aging and incapacity. There is no substitute for the proper and timely handling of the varying estate issues which all families must eventually confront. The proper and timely resolution of these issues can bring significant family stability and peace of mind.


Many times large trust and estates are mishandled by the professionals charged with their management. Their fiduciary conduct is forgotten as their only focus is one of making money. Typically this type of conduct harms the beneficiaries of the trust and estates. We represent these beneficiaries harmed by the big banks and other professionals. We litigate to have them removed and put control and money into the hands of those it was intended… the beneficiaries.  

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