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Mental Health

Substance Abuse

​The Marchman Act can: 

  • Florida law can help you provide individuals in need of substance abuse and mental health services with court ordered assessment, stabilization and treatment.

  • This court order is enforced and monitored by the court

  • This process is confidential and not a matter of public record.


Levine and Associates can assist you in obtaining court ordered drug and alcohol intervention, assessment and stabilization for anyone with a substance abuse problem. This process is called the Marchman Act. Also, through this law we can help to ensure that future treatment is ordered and monitored by the Court.


Do you know anyone who:

  • Has lost the power of self control with respect to drugs or alcohol?

  • Has inflicted or is likely to inflict harm on themselves or someone else because of a drugs or alcohol?

  • Has impaired judgment because of their drug or alcohol abuse?

  • Simply does not appreciate their own need for care and treatment?

  • Refused to voluntarily get help for their drug or alcohol problem?


We can help!


If you are in need of solutions, we have the understanding and experience to help.

We recognize the unique issues and difficulties faced by families forced to deal with a loved ones substance abuse or drug addiction.


We further understand and are experienced in dealing with legal issues associated with individuals who have a dual diagnosis for both substance abuse and mental illness.


We will provide you with a personal and confidential initial consultation at your convenience.


Don’t waste another moment hoping things will get better!


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